Raystown Lake (Hawn's Lookout) is a reservoir in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. The largest lake that is entirely within Pennsylvania, The original lake was built by the Simpson family of Huntingdon as a hydro electric project. The current 8,300-acre (34 km2) Raystown Lake was completed in 1973 by the Army Corps of Engineers. The lake was created primarily to control floods, provide electricity and support recreational activities.
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    It came natural for me to combine photography and my appreciation for nature.
    Being an avid hiker I enjoy the soothing effect the outdoors has on me. I thrive on the challenge of capturing this feeling of serenity through my photography. Shooting in raw and composing a strong foreground, I process each image using photoshop giving attention to each detail. It is necessary for my process to take many exposures of the same composition to use each one as a tool, whether it is to optimize the color of a sky, to bring out the reflection in the water, or to accurately reveal the details in the shadows. I consider every excursion to the mountains, national parks and wildlife preserves as an opportunity to refine my ability as a visual artist. My goal is for my images to convey a sense of peace to my viewer.

    Michael Pyle